Blogger feedburner not updating

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Blogger feedburner not updating

Sometimes they change the of the feed – you can go to the website and look for the new one.

Here are some tips on adding feeds to your feedly or discovering them on the site: Sometimes when you see you have the correct and that the site produces new content, they might have blocked us – in this case, please let us know either through Twitter: or the Open Community: Thank you.

(If you didn't, then see #5 below.) Then you need to raise your feed item limit in your RSS feed.

I don't suggest giving this to podcast directories.

If you do, then your blog posts will push your podcast episodes out of the limited number of items your feed can hold (set in Word Press admin Feedburner's Smart Cast options are great for turning a regular RSS feed into an i Tunes-friendly podcast feed.

Your blog’s the latest content whenever it is updated. ” etc.) Where do your readers want your new posts delivered? So, as bloggers and website owners, we’d much rather them subscribe via email.

It allows you as a publisher to automatically update those who are interested in your new content. There are two ways a subscriber to your feed can receive your new content: Tip: If someone subscribes via an RSS reader, your content is delivered but you have to wait for them to open that reader to read your content, whereas if they subscribe via email, they have given you permission to send that content right to their inbox.

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