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Variable accommodating resistance training machines

When the body moves, every body segment creates a momentum vector.

In many cases, the movement is rotational, in which case angular momentum is created.

Of all of the modalities being used to enhance the specificity of training, one of the most debated is band and pulley training (BPT).

This article series on BPT will cover the basic concept behind the use of non-vertical resistance training.

We have termed it “non-vertical vector (N2V) training.” We will follow this first part with some sample exercises and recommendations for workouts that have been successfully used in our facility.

When looking at the characteristics of band and pulley training, most conditioning professionals quickly observe the key advantage provided by BPT is the ability to load non-vertical vectors.

As stated above, resistance bands challenge your muscles through their full range of motion.

As you lengthen the band during an exercise, the tension increases, which makes the move more difficult to perform.

Typically force is generated in only one plane of motion, with minimal recruitment in other planes.Although all resistance training involves force vectors, we coined the phrase “N2V training” when referring to BPT because of the ability to load any vector quickly and easily.This is especially true when it comes to loading the net resultant vector associated with a specific movement.You'll find many pieces of exercise equipment in a typical weight room. Some facilities display the bands prominently so athletes can take advantage of their benefits. Bands are often hidden in a dark corner of the gym or clumped up in a crate. Resistance bands are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment. Others form a loop (often referred to as super bands). In this series, we show you some of our favorite exercises using equipment we believe can improve your sports performance. Resistance bands can be found in nearly every weight room.

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