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Gypsy dating rules

If a Roma male marries a gadji, his community may eventually accept her, provided that she adopts the Romani way of life.

But it is a worse violation of the marimé code for a Roma female to marry a gadjo, because Roma women are the guarantors for the survival of the population.

When I watched this show I found myself shocked at how the women were being treated and the level of acceptance in the community of this treatment.

Engagements and marriages are great and joyous events for the Roma, signifying the extension and continuation of the family.

Marriage signifies a change in position of the married couple in Roma society as full and productive members of the community. The customs and rituals for engagements and marriages described here are traditional and vary for the many Roma tribes around the world.

Even with respect to other Roma, permissible marriage choices may be restricted.

This is a way of maintaining tribal and social purity.

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Gypsy life is now stopped but still working in a professional capacity.

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