Dating lynn strait

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Dating lynn strait

Singer who rose to fame as the lead vocalist for the rock band Snot. The band disbanded after he was tragically killed in a car accident on December 11, 1998, at the age of 30.He started out playing bass in the thrash metal band Lethal Dose.Thus he joined the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and studied in high school side by side.He later began his professional career as a model working in magnificent photo shoots with renowned photographers like Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, and Ellen von Unwerth.For those of you who don't know who Snot are, allow me to alleviate your ignorance.Snot are an unbelievably kickin' band from Santa Barbara, CA who are one of the chosen few who deserve the name "new school metal." Their debut album, Get Some, is a combination of fast paced thrash metal spliced with punk and sick combinations of funk and guitar scratchin' "wacka wacka" sounds like you'd hear in a 70's porno movie--ya know, just for good measure.Before he got married, Steven Strait was in the relationship with this beautiful girl Gretchen Tune in 2002.

And he has modeled for L'uomo Vogue, Spoon magazine, and Pop magazine.Jail, drugs, weapons--it was just a cycle of violations and violence until he hooked up with the rest of the Snot boys to find his true calling and salvation.Now, with the rest of the band (Jamie Miller-Drums; Mikey Doling-Guitar; John "Tumor" Fahnestock-Bass; and Sonny Mayo-Guitar) to back him up, he's turned his potentially misguided reality into a more productive state and has even made it, for the most part, fun.Lynn's tales of drug addiction and jail are woven within the songs in the form of slick raps and hardcore growls and while the music is kickin' in it's own unmitigated style, Lynn's lyrics and varied vocal styles reveal the different levels of problems throughout his life.The guy's been to jail many times for many different reasons and ultimately led his life down the worst of self destructive paths.

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I used to think my life was harder than everyone else's.

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